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Although we enjoy the many sunny days in our beautiful city, it does occasionally rain here in San Antonio. Unfortunately, that means hidden roof leaks may appear and get the inside of your home wet. Not to worry – Texas Family Roofing is ready!

If it’s raining, and for some reason your roof isn’t keeping the rain out – give us a call right away! We have a dedicated San Antonio roof leak repair team standing by when San Antonio gets wet. We will respond quickly to evaluate the problem and fix your leaking roof.

A damaged roof can cause a number of issues such as leaks, foundation damage, mold and roof collapse. These can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and more depending on the severity of the damage.

Getting your roof repaired is top priority, no matter how minor the damage is. Your safety is at risk when your roof has a hole in it.

We understand that your home or business can become a liability if left on its own. We employ highly trained professional contractors that will get the repairs done as soon as possible so you can return to your regular routines without needing to worry about your property being damaged.

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